Transportation Survey Ending and Updates

The plan is underway! Survey results are coming soon. We’re bringing together a list of transportation projects from across Skagit County. Have more comments? Post them on our online comment map!

Skagit 2045 Survey Closing

October is coming to a close and with it, our transportation priorities survey is ending! Thank you to all who have shared your opinions with us. We have received around 150 responses so far. These results will help us to prioritize future funding for transportation projects around Skagit County.

Please consider sharing the transportation survey with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Social distancing shouldn’t mean we lose the voices of the Skagit community!

We will release an infographic with survey results in the coming weeks. Along with this, we’ll analyze all the comments we’ve received from respondents. Stay tuned to hear how your voice is included in the Regional Transportation Plan!

Have even more opinions about transportation in Skagit County? Put them on the map! Pin a comment, recommendation, or concern anywhere in the county with our Transportation Comment Mapper:

Transportation Projects Coming Soon

As our public survey ends, we are switching gears to look at transportation projects. These projects are submitted to us by local agencies in Skagit County. The Skagit 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) will include a list of these projects.

Projects in the RTP tend to be capacity expansion projects. This means that the project is designed to support more travelers. These projects can include building new roads, bridges, and trails, purchasing new buses or ferries to transport more people, or building new transit facilities such as ferry terminals. The projects also need to be regionally significant, and impact the Skagit County region.

SR 20/Sharpe's Corner Roundabout
The SR 20/Sharpe’s Corner Intersection was identified as a regionally significant project in the Skagit 2040 Regional Transportation Plan

Projects in the RTP usually come from local comprehensive plans. Cities and towns vet these projects with the public through comprehensive plan updates. For a map of projects in the current Skagit 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, click below:

In November, SCOG staff will draft a list of transportation projects based on what agencies submit to us. We’ll also determine which of these projects are already funded. Finally, we’ll look at long-range financial forecasts to understand how many of these projects can be funded in the next 20 years.

Thank you for participating in the Skagit 2045 RTP! We look forward to hearing from you, and sharing more updates with you soon.

Katie Bunge, Assistant Planner

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